America’s fire was set by the idea that the world has to end in the dustbin

by Giulio Meotti

Frightening images from the US on fire after George Floyd’s death: attempted lynching of whites, banks and shops looted across the country, curfews, churches and statues burning, elderly ladies beaten up for defending their shops.But the tragic death of Floyd by a police officer is not the real reason that led to such a crisis. The policeman will serve many years in prison and the US president has condemned what happened. What else could one expect to happen in a democratic country in response to this terrible event?

And despite what the media tell you, America is less, not more racist. There have been two terms of the first black president, there are preferential lanes for minorities in universities and at work, even old classic novels like “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” are panned for the smell of racism and the use of offensive terms in public against minorities is synonymous with social death.

Instead, we are witnessing the violent disappearance of the old America, the land of thrift, temperance, civilization, and moderation.

The left has renounced real liberalism, dialogue and civilized dissent to move to a ruthless politics based on racial and sexual identity that has overwhelmed everything. The US cultural consensus today – at least that of the left’s adherents – is as if it has moved from the old and blessed responsibility of the individual to the idea that society is responsible for all ills.

For years the media and universities have said that black people were oppressed and that their ideological hate is legitimate. Now America gathers in the streets what was sown during years of cultivated rancor.

The late US historian Gertrude Himmelfarb said: “It is evident that we are suffering from a grievous moral disorder”.

We witness the cultural destruction of a society, individualism has deprived society of the old relationships that once made sense to collective identity, the points of reference (church, community, schools which teach values …) are in crisis and what remains is the war of all against all as in a video game.

Today, for an American boy, and even more in the black community, it is easier to have a TV at home than a father.

Destroy the father figure, dissolve the family, deconstruct the school, play around with gender and race war, deprive the human being of the religious dimension and throw him into a condition of pure consumerism without the bonds that make us less vulnerable to violence, foment a vulgar and exhibitionist culture based on some sort of collective guilt – and you will have flames.

We have cultivated the desire to transgress, to destroy, to wipe out “the system”. The whole world has to end sooner or later in the dustbin, becoming “trash”.

And this unprecedented violence is grafted into a social fabric heavily devastated by 100,000 deaths from the pandemic and the prospect of an unprecedented economic crisis.

We are losing the old America. We will all regret it.

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