Germany: Because she allegedly cooked too slowly, an asylum seeker stabbed the cook of a restaurant

“Hunger!” yelled the guest and ran straight to the kitchen of the restaurant. Because there was no solid meal on the table, David F. (21 years old) freaked out completely.

The rioting restaurant customer was now on the dock behind bulletproof glass.

For six months now, he has been without the delicious African cuisine or a pizza with friends: The big guy’s gonna have to make do with prison food at the prison psychiatric ward. It was 5 p.m. on September 12, 2019, when his stomach must have been rumbling. According to investigations, he was standing in front of a café-bar in Föhrer Street in the Berlin district of Wedding.

It smelled wonderful. A woman (44 years old) was cooking in the kitchen. Culinary and delicious things from Africa are on her menu. David F. with bad manners: “I want something to eat!” Chop, chop! The cook asked for patience: “I need some more time.” He should wait for the food outside the kitchen door. He didn’t like that at all. The prosecution says: “He grasped a kitchen knife with an eight-centimeter blade and stabbed the woman with it.” She reflexively protected her face. The blade injured her hand. The next stab was to the back of her head. She was very lucky: “The force of the knife stroke was largely absorbed by the woman’s hair tied back.” The rioting guest remained angry: “In order to further emphasize his demand for food, he beat the victim with his fists and the handle of a knife,” he said, “He pushed and beat the woman. Several strong men had trouble taming the rude guest and then handed him over to the police.

David F. arrived in Germany as a refugee from Somalia at the beginning of 2017 and initially lived in a refugee home in Mariendorf. He has already become known to the police and the judiciary on several previous occasions. The judge now says: “Do you want to testify?” The Giant-sized man shook his head. His lawyer said: “He can’t remember anything.”

Was he guilty? That’s the key question in the trial of aggravated assault and attempted extortion. F. is considered mentally ill. The prosecutor is seeking permanent placement in the forensic psychiatric ward. To be continued:11 June.

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