Speeding Iraqi asylum seeker kills German mother with his Mercedes car and can still hope for an acquittal

The horrible accident caused by a speeding car driver that resulted in a dead cyclist on Reicker Street in Dresden – the public prosecutor’s office now has charges against horsepower show-off Zoro T. (18 years old).

Unbelievable: The Iraqi-born Iraqi with Iranian passport can hope for a lenient sentence.

In January, the novice driver overtook a convoy of vehicles at murderous speed in a Mercedes E 320 CDI (204 hp), while having railway employee Kristiane H. († 55) on her bicycle overlooked and killed her.On the inner-city line 50 km/h were allowed. According to senior public prosecutor Jürgen Schmidt, the accused was driving “at significantly excessive speed despite the existing ban on overtaking”. The asylum seeker is accused of negligent killing and endangering road traffic. “As a result of the investigations carried out, we assume that he was driving below 100 km/h,” said Schmidt.The criminal is not in custody, the public prosecutor has not applied for an arrest warrant because of missing reasons for arrest. Criminal law expert Gerhard Rahn also sees this as an indication that the speeding killer is able to avoid a prison sentence. “If sentenced under juvenile criminal law, it will probably amount to probation,” Rahn said. Widower Olaf A. (61 years old), who lost his beloved wife in the speeding crash, is horrified: “No one can measure the pain he caused me, her daughter and her son. Anyone who races through the city so recklessly is acting intentionally. That’s why he has to go to prison!”


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