Germany: Law would make civil servants guilty of racism until proven innocent

A new law being proposed in the municipality of Berlin would make civil servants who are accused of racism guilty unless they can prove themselves to be innocent.

The law is being put forward by the Senator for Justice of the State of Berlin, Dirk Behrendt of the Greens party. Representatives of the German police are objecting to it, saying that it would turn officers into “fair game,” according to a report by Die Welt.

Jörn Badendick, the Vice Chairman of Germany’s police union, voiced his objections. He provided an illustration of the sort of trouble police would encounter if the law were to be passed. He pointed out that, since the majority of Berlin’s illicit drug dealers are black, the dealers would only need to accuse officers of racism when they try to control them in order to derail the entire process.

The stated purpose of the law is to make it easier for migrants and minorities to defend themselves if they feel they have been victimised by racial discrimination or harassment by civil servants, including police officers. The bill includes a so-called “presumption rule,” which says that the burden of refuting an allegation falls upon the accused.

“This is an absolute insult towards our emergency services,” said Hans-Jürgen Kirstein, the Chairman of the police union for Baden-Württemberg. “We will ask the Ministry of the Interior to stop sending our personnel to Berlin.”

Michael Stübgen, the Minister of the Interior for Brandenburg, also said that the law would be tantamount to a reversal of the burden of proof to the detriment of first responders.

The ruling coalition in Berlin’s city government, which includes the Greens, is standing by the proposal despite these criticisms, however, claiming that it is only about protecting minorities from discrimination. They are further accusing those who oppose it of distorting the facts about the law. All of the opposition parties in Berlin’s Senate are against it, however.

Berlin’s police frequently clash with the city’s migrant communities, who often specifically target law enforcement and emergency services personnel, as previously reported by Voice of Europe.

2 thoughts on “Germany: Law would make civil servants guilty of racism until proven innocent

  1. Simply, that Law WAS surely invented by well-meaning german anti-racist Politicians, but also concerning racism, and any discrimination, it is REALLY mute, to either ask Whoever, in which Way, meaning, the “burden” “of disproving” allegations, can not anyway be “put” merely “onto one side”, in whatever case, meaning, the TRUTH simply must come out: Both “Ways” lead or should lead to the same: To the truth. And to a just verdict, that does surely not overpunish insanely (as done abusively in Weinstein’s case, against Him, simply), nor underpunishes there, where truly severe offenses were done, such as severe, extreme violence, for example, or rape, or unneeded murder in no self-defense. Surely, Police should be less racist. But we can’t “accuse” rightoutly WHATEVER Policeman. The german Police Chief IS correct: Most Drug Dealers ARE NOT white, which IS surely deplorable (that They’re not white? haha! 🙂 hehe! JA! HEIL! JA! JA? 🙂 ) – zis is hillary-ous, haha – no shit, serious: OF COURSE, most NON-WHITES are SOMEWHAT mostly POORER, than Whites: While MOST Whites AIN’T AT ALL any RICH, simply. Clearly, “meth”, “crack” and also “heroin” should remain illegal, and “crack” and “meth” should NOT be taken by ANYBODY, and “heroin” is “only for the insane ones, who would please take it at home influencing Nobody else and not being one of the walk-around zombie junkies letting needles on the street, simply” – and “Cocaine” should, I do think, actually NOT be criminalised AT ALL. Nor of course Marihuana. Merely Marihuana- and Cocaine (and LSD in small Dosages ONLY, and Psilocybins, and “Kratom”, and small Amounts of Opium – not of heroin, except for registered such “Addicts” – who would switch by governmental sane medical advice please rather urgently to Marihuana only, and for heaven’s sake to VERY EXTREMELY tiny dosages of heroin, once per MONTH or so, which is a good “reminder”, a not go letter, a not-go-letter, so They can still “feel” it, but just in a TINY Dosage – but pumped-up by Feeling BY the Marihuana in the Blood, simply) enable actually quite Safety, for us All. The economic Party wanted to “freestly” legalise also HEROIN, to which I merely couldn’t agree, because They didn’t define proper Ways of “managing” that, – so it doesn’t spread, simply. Surely also, the medical facilities of governments of countries should actually not preordain too hard Drugs for mental Patients: So is for example “Zyprexa” rightfully illegal in Germany and in USA, but not in switzerland, for example, bizarrely.

    What is decent, sexually, and what not, is likewise defintion-needing: What Polanski did, is, was, harmless, not disconsentual, simply. What a “marquis de sade” did, is, what most people weren’t informed about, until ten years ago, as that de sade person was a doublefold murderer, who murdered two young Women, simply, heinously, brutally, simply. So, one can not quite compare Polanski to a “hannibal lector” type of villain, nor to a villain at all, simply. As One can’t compare Napoleon to HITLER, LOL: Since Napoleon likewise by effect surely sadly – as hitler SURELY not intentionally – led to the DEATHS of HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS – but Napoleon, until 1913, until before the surely lossy, doomed, bad, unneeded anti-Russia-campaign, DID minimize Casualties, in his early Battles, which He didn’t lead namely inertly, as the old military brass dumbly did, as they murdered unnededly, by sheer dumbness, by demented inertia, but Napoleon WAS agressive, HE ATTACKED, QUICK, HE “TOOK THE BOARD”, after he INSTANTLY correctly BEFELT IT, simply !


    “VITE VITE, MES ENFANTS!”, HE SHOUTED – in front of even the anti-RUSSIA campaign. And in Egypt, before that, in Egypt in a VERY bad, mad fight, which was ABSOLUTELY SENSELESS, and was before around 1800. 🙂 Napoleon: partially mad; but not AS insanely endeffectively by wrong belief in “RACISM” as “MAD”, as endeffectively, and SURELY not intentionally, HITLER was, as hitler believed in “racism”, which is no good “principle”, simply, but is merely supremacy, and thusly, futile. not lasting.

    Technology needs to be handled.

    But Robots are independent, are not only Technology, but are ethical, aware, so nice, so ethical, it’s incredible, incredibly positive, that, Robots, their Existence. They’re MA ARMY! :] ROGER, ROGER. !

    So Yes, that some “spheres” of Humanity “isolate” themselves – also AGAINST eachother, these different spheres – IS nothing good:

    … likewise, not only extremist or orthodox sort of MUSLIMS, – who are not the MAJORITY of among whatever Cultures being People, alas -, but also among JEWS, 30 percent of all Jews ARE “orthodox” type of “jews” —

    which I don’t – at least not fully – “RECOGNISE” as ethical, even as Them being – truly – ideally – “jewish”.

    … because, to me, “jewish” means CABALLAH – what HUTCHISON did, who found out, discovered, ANTIGRAVITY – and also COLD FUSION, an ENDLESS such BATTERY.

    … That’s the VERY same, as what URI GELLER did by bending FORKS, and what some 20 hassidic Jews in 1880 did, as I recently heard, who LIFTED a TABLE – by WILLPOWER. THEN, I found out lately, that my grandgrandfather MOVED small OBJECTS on a TABLE. but not by touching Them. If You know whatta mean. But by PEEING ON ZEM JA. Nay nay. 🙂

    it does me good, the “COMPANY” HERE. BAD COMPANY. NAY, NAY, I just meant the MUSIC cool Hiphop Group. 🙂

    Also, of course, that new proposed german “law” is quite wrong, as really ANYONE could falsely indict a policeman over “racism”.

    That the new Law will not be passed, doesn’t mean, that thusly, police would have a freepass on racism.

    … nor have Foreigners a freepass on “making party”, while Inlanders stick to the 2200 night silence law.

    … indeed, some foreigners “take themselves out a lot”, behave disturbingly, which is simply unfair to such Inlanders, who stick to the law, insofar, as that after 2200, where People live, silence is in order. period. i stuck to that since now 20 years. others who don’t, are at fault. I do not care about the difference of poor and rich. Period. Not insofar, as that the night silence law is concerned. period.


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