Maghreb singer accuses French police of blanket racism

For the deputy of the National Rally in France, the speech of the singer Camélia Jordana on Saturday evening claiming she is afraid when she sees a police officer, is a typical example of the excesses of the cultural left: They prefer to defend the delinquents rather than the police.

There is a lingering, unpleasant issue which has surfaced in French media. The police are invariably depicted as executioners and murderers, while thugs are perpetually excused, Louis Alliot noted in an op-ed for French weekly Valeurs Actuelles.

Critics however have forgotten how the police have been put under pressure in recent years, forced to work in extremely difficult conditions with attacks, immigrant riots, gratuitous violence and continuous social unrest, according to Alliot.

The cultural left are co-responsible for the attacks that the police undergo every day. In ensuring order and respect for law during confinement, numerous police officers were attacked throughout France.

In Colombes, an immigrant rammed into two stationed police bikers, justifying his gesture as the “defense of Palestine”. On May 25, three men voluntarily crashed into a RAID car at full speed during an intervention in the Cévennes district of Montpellier. One policeman who “was seriously injured in one leg, was crushed between his own vehicle and that of these attackers who had voluntarily rushed towards him,” a report in France Bleu noted.

“The anti-cop climate is growing and that worries us very much,” said Yann Bastière, denouncing in particular “words unworthy of a Camelia Jordana, in search of negative recognition and looking for attention by featuring in a talk show on Saturday evening, and who is free to feed this anti-cop hatred”.

In fact, it only takes a cursory glance at the regional daily press to realize the extent of the phenomenon: dozens of neighborhoods are literally out of control and the police are seen there as the enemy, Alliot pointed out.

“Unfortunately, no one dares to designate those who are jointly responsible for this deleterious climate, at the forefront of which is part of the cultural left,” the RN deputy said. Born from Algerian parents in France, the singer and actress Camelia Jordana, is the new star of “indigenous” victimization.

On the programme On N’est Pas Couché hosted by Laurent Ruquier, she alleged being afraid of the police because of her “curly hair”. The singer added that some people were “massacred for no other reason than their skin colour”.

She has since challenged the Minister of the Interior to a debate with her. Clearly, the Macron administration is no longer respected and has lost its grip on public order.

Slandering police officers collectively, ignores the reality on the ground, its vicissitudes and its difficulties says Alliot. “She does not know that 2019 was a dark year for the number of police suicides. She also probably ignores what delinquency and crime are in 2020. The majority of French people are much more afraid of coming across an organized gang after dark than of coming across a police check!”

“Without the police, it is the street gangs who enforce their own rules, which are far more unjust,” the deputy said. Also, the wealthy Camelia Jordana does not have to endure the deterioration of common areas, drug trafficking, threats and daily violence that mark the no-go-zones in French immigrant social housing areas, according to Alliot.

“When half of France looks like a Brazilian shantytown, professional mourners will take refuge in their Moroccan riads or their second homes in Florida. They have the means to escape, unlike the average French person.”

The Alliance police union said in a press release that it was going to seize the public prosecutor and asked Interior Minister Christophe Castaner to do the same. Other police officers also reacted on the web, including the commissioners of the national police (SCPN): “Appalling testimony of a ‘new star of stupidity’ which demonstrated in two minutes the poverty of her thought, accompanied by scandalous and slanderous arguments, all on a public broadcast,” they tweeted.

Jordana has continued her racist attacks not only against the police, but on whites in general: “My generation does not feel concerned by a society led by old and white people.” Despite her loud attacks on French society, she curiously told French magazine Telestar: “I am a bourgeois! I grew up in a beautiful villa with a swimming pool. I did piano, theater, dance.” Being “bourgeois”, she added, made her different from other Arabs living in social housing.

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