1 in 5 Patients In Some UK Hospitals Caught Coronavirus in the Hospital

1. The NHS and socialized medicine, despite being cheered during this crisis, continue to be horrible.

And the dependency on immigrant workers, who appear to be more susceptible to the virus, may have worsened the crisis in these hospitals, just as they are believed to have done in Swedish nursing homes, as I discussed in, “Sweden Cared More About Islamophobia Than Saving Elderly in Nursing Homes From Coronavirus.” 

As previously noted, most of the UK health care doctors and medical staff who died of the virus are minorities. What role did they play in spreading the virus in hospitals?

An estimated 44 percent of doctors in Britain are from ethnic minority backgrounds, significantly higher than the 13 percent in the population at large. Last year, more than half the new doctors who registered in Britain were born overseas.

But experts say it’s still baffling that 93 percent of the doctors who have died of covid-19 were ethnic minorities.

Again, the British dependency on foreign doctors proved to be disastrous. What role did foreign staff play in the US nursing home outbreaks?

2. The infection rates in some UK hospitals have serious implications for the mass deaths in US nursing homes.

Up to a fifth of patients with Covid-19 in several hospitals contracted the disease over the course of the pandemic while already being treated there for another illness, NHS bosses have told senior doctors and nurses.

Some of the infections were passed on by hospital staff who were unaware they had the virus and were displaying no symptoms, while patients with coronavirus were responsible for the others.

The figures represent NHS England’s first estimate of the size of the problem of hospital-acquired Covid-19, which Boris Johnson last week said was causing an “epidemic” of deaths. In a national briefing last month on infection control and Covid-19, NHS England told the medical directors and chief nurses of all acute hospitals in England that it had found that 10%-20% of people in hospital with the disease had got it while they were inpatients.

How do those rates apply to US hospitals and nursing homes? That’s the big question.

The UK numbers show that there’s a major risk of patients in facilities contracting coronavirus. Residents in nursing homes where standards are lower, staff often less well trained, and residents much more vulnerable would potentially have a higher death rate.

Beyond that, there is the big question of policies by Democrat governors, Cuomo, Murphy, Whitmer, and Newsom, among others, to send coronavirus patients to nursing homes. The UK numbers give us a sense of just how badly coronavirus can spread, first in hospitals, and then in other facilities, which gives us a sense of how catastrophic these policies were.

Cuomo has argued that no one should be prosecuted for nursing home deaths because they would have died anyway. “Older people… are going to die from this virus,” he argued, dismissing the outrage of the families of the dead. “I don’t think there’s any logical rationale to say that they would be alive today.”

“We’ve tried everything to keep it out of a nursing home, but it’s virtually impossible,” he falsely claimed.

That is clearly untrue.

The UK numbers only deepen the indictment.


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