How can you explain Western Europe’s suicide regarding COVID-19?

by Giulio Meotti

It is a mystery of the collective psyche. There must be an inner mechanism underlying the political ruling class. Otherwise, what is the possible explanation behind the Western European disaster n ithe management of Covid-19, expecially if you compare their experience with Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and other Western countries?

France, Spain, Belgium and UK had the catastrophic Italian example in front of their eyes.

Still, French President Emmanuel Macron went to the theater to see “Par le bout du Nez”. It looked like a chapter in Manuel Chaves Nogales’ book, “The Agony of France”, where he says that while German soldiers marched through the streets of Paris, the French swarmed outside the cinemas, “in time for the aperitif in the bistro”.

In the meantime, the Spanish authorities invited citizens to walk down the streets, to crowd themselves in a march for Women’s Day and the epidemiologist Fernando Simón, in a press conference, declared: “If my son asked me if he can go, I would tell him to do what wants”.

On March 8, while 366 people had already died from the virus in Italy, in Belgium Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès saw no problems in that masses of citizens poured into the Salon Batibouw (real estate fair), the Foire du Livre (book fair) and of course, for Women’s Day. Belgium would soon have broken every per capita death record in Europe.

Keep calm and carry on was no better in England. Boris Johnson in those days shook hands  like a rock star and liquidated the impending danger by wishing for “herd immunity”. Soon he would need “liters and liters of oxygen”.

Sweden did nothing, thereby allowing old people to die.

The shortage of tests and masks has been camouflaged by Europe under the pretext of their supposed uselessness.

It seems that the European state on both national and central levels has shown a rare carelessness. An explosive mixture of bureaucracy, lethargy and casualness. A state which, for years, no longer believed in itself but in “Europe” or in the market.

It is the spectacle of Western Europe’s omnipotent impotence that we have unfolding before our eyes.

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