Swiss populists: Leftists harboring illegal migrants are causing COVID-19 to spread

The populist Swiss People’s Party, the largest party in country’s lawmaking body, has slammed Left-wing strongholds for exacerbating the Wuhan coronavirus crisis by harboring illegal migrants and rejected asylum seekers against federal law.

In a press release published earlier in week, the party not only called for the expulsion of failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants, but blasted Geneva for contributing to the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus by harboring the migrants.

“In Geneva, there is one case of COVID-19 per 100 inhabitants,” the press release reads. “This makes the canton most affected by the pandemic of all cantons.”

“Illegal migrants, such as tens of thousands tolerated by Geneva in violation of federal law, appear to be among the pandemic drivers – with devastating consequences for the whole country: Because of the many coronavirus cases, all people in Switzerland had to endure massive state intervention and now have to pay the resulting horrendous costs.”

The SVP, citing a survey carried out by the Geneva University hospital, says that infection rates among illegal immigrants is much higher than those seen in the native Swiss population. Because many of illegal migrants and asylum seekers cannot afford testing and do not adhere to the quarantine measures, they end spreading the virus far and wide, the populist party argues.

In order to limit the further spread of the Wuhan virus in the country, the party has called on federal government to abandon its “laissez-faire approach” to illegal migration, and for “cantons and cities that do not enforce federal law on migration must be held accountable.” Lastly, the Right-wing party demands that illegal migrants must be “consistently deported and new arrivals without visas or residence permits must be consistently turned away at the border”.

At present, there are between 90,000 and 250,000 illegal migrants living in the small alpine nation.

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