Germany: Seven Syrians stab a Spaniard

Seven of them lunged at their victim, inflicting life-threatening injuries from knife wounds. Four suspects were arrested, three are still at large, wanted:

Heavy knife attack in broad daylight, Saturday afternoon (9th of May) in the northern district of Dortmund.

Around 2:30 pm, a 25-year-old man from Dortmund clashed with about seven men at the street Bornstraße, police spokeswoman Kristina Purschke reported. “The quarrel escalated and a brawl broke out.”And even fisticuffs were not enough: after the perpetrators had first beaten up the 25 year olds , one of them pulled out a knife and stabbed the victim’s upper body.

The seriously injured man fell from the platform into the track bed.
The attackers fled. An ambulance took the 25-year-old to a hospital where he remained in hospital. Kristina Purschke reported to our editor that his life was in danger at first.

Only two hours after the bloody attack, police officers spotted four young men on the spot and arrested them temporarily. The men living in Dortmund are 18, 19, 23 and 26 years old. During the search of the 19-year-old, the police officers found a knife and seized it.The police are now looking for three more suspects. As the police spokeswoman told us on request, the seriously injured 25-year-old is of Spanish origin. The attackers are all Syrian.

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