Germany: Syrian asylum seeker travels on train coupling

BPOLI L: Lebensgefährlicher Leichtsinn: Mann fährt auf Zugkupplung mit
Photo: Bundespolizeiinspektion Leipzig

A Syrian immigrant took the regional express train from Leipzig to Chemnitz yesterday evening. In Liebertwolkwitz he apparently left the train. Only a short time later, however, the train attendant spotted him again on the train coupling between two compartments. The man had obviously used the stop of the train in Liebertwolkwitz to take up this life-threatening sitting position ( photo ). The train stopped in Belgershain. The Federal Police got the Syrian off the train coupling and determined the man’s personal details. Why the Syrian took this life-threatening sitting position he could not explain to the officers. He was once again urgently instructed about the dangers of his actions. But the man’s understanding did not last long, because only a short time later he was standing on a train coupling again and prevented the train from continuing its journey. The train attendant took the man to his compartment and handed him over to the Federal Police again in Bad Lausick.The Syrian, who is staying in Germany without permission, was taken by the officers to the Centre for Asylum Seekers in Chemnitz in a police car.

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