WATCH: Turkish IS supporter commits attack on Turkish grocery store in Waldkraiburg, Germany

When in the early morning hours of April 27th the window panes of a grocery store in Waldkraiburg burst and the shop was burst into flames, many residents of the Bavarian town no longer believed in coincidence. The fire developed quickly, the residents could no longer escape through the main entrance of the building, six residents were injured. Only the alarm of a resident and the quick action of the fire brigade prevented something worse. Only a ruin remains of the store, and the damage is amounting to millions.

The arson attack, which as it turns out later was preceded by an explosion, is part of a series of attacks: within ten days, in addition to the attack on the fruit and vegetable shop, there were stone throwing attacks against a hairdresser’s shop, a pizzeria and finally a kebab shop in Waldkraiburg. All the victims are of Turkish origin. The local criminal investigation department founded the fifty-member special commission “Prager”, and the Central Office for Combating Extremism and Terrorism of the Munich Attorney General’s Office took over the case management.

In the meantime, a 25-year-old man was arrested who confessed to all four crimes and a warrant was issued against him. According to the investigators on Sunday noon, he called himself a follower of the “Islamic State” and had committed crimes out of hatred against Turks. No other country has suffered so many attacks and deaths by the so-called “Islamic State”. Turkey is therefore taking strong action against the Islamic terrorist militia. Just in the past few months there have been raids against the IS in Turkey, money has been confiscated and possible accounts of the Islamists have been blocked. In its publications, the IS repeatedly threatened to conquer the Turkish metropolis Istanbul. The Turkish state is seen as an enemy of the Islamists. The suspect is a German citizen born near Waldkraiburg, whose parents are from Turkey. Investigators have expressly denied that he had acted on the basis of the Kurdish-Turkish conflict. He had been unemployed for several months. Witnesses questioned by the investigators reported an Islamic-religious radicalization of the man in recent years, which had led to quarrels with his family. Apart from violations of the narcotics law, he had not previously committed any criminal offences.The man had attracted attention at the train station in Mühldorf am Inn because he did not have a valid ticket. He was carrying a trolley and a sports bag containing ten ignitable pipe bombs and 20 kilograms of chemical materials for the production of explosives. The station was therefore cleared and closed off for safety reasons.After the man’s arrest, investigators of the State Criminal Police Office searched the offender’s apartment in Waldkraiburg as well as a vehicle in an underground garage in Garching an der Alz. According to the investigators, the vehicle contained 13 additional functional bombs as well as ten kilograms of materials suitable as explosives. In addition, a weapon with ammunition, black powder and other explosive materials were found in the perpetrator’s apartment. The man had made the bombs himself and had stated that he had planned further attacks. He did not have any concrete targets, but his plans were directed against Turkish institutions. Investigators are currently investigating whether there are accomplices or confidants and where he got his weapons and materials from.Contrary to various speculations in the social media, no “foreigners get out” graffiti was sprayed on the façade of the grocery store before the fire, and hatred against citizens of Waldkraiburg with a migration background is quite rare.

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