British Court Blocks Deporting Criminals to Countries With Poor Healthcare

The ivory tower moonbats who control the courts are waging war against their own countries. In Britain, judicial oligarchs have ruled that dangerous foreign criminals cannot be deported if the healthcare system back in the savage hellholes that spawned them are not up to NHS standards.

Via the Daily Mail:

The ruling came in the case of a 33-year-old Zimbabwean father of one who arrived in the UK in 2000 and was later granted indefinite leave to remain.

The Zimbabwean contributed to British society with a string of crimes too long to list here. Now they can’t deport him, because he has AIDS. Zimbabwe can’t afford to finance his extravagantly expensive treatment for a disease that is almost always contracted by indulging in degeneracy. Supposedly, British taxpayers can.

The landmark judgment – which risks throwing the Government’s deportation policy into chaos – has already delayed the case of gang rapist Yaqub Ahmed…

Ahmed, who hails from Somalia, took part in the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl. He says he has mental health problems. This makes it the duty of British society to care for him. Or so liberal elite judges are likely to rule.

On the whole, the French Revolution was one of the worst things that ever happened. But these days the appeal of sending an entire ruling class to the guillotine is undeniable.

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