Islamic Religious Community of Austria: teacher of Islam publicly calls for the hanging of opposition members

While the chairman of the Islamic Religious Community of Austria (IGGÖ), Ümit Vural, uses social networks primarily to collect donations for his mosques, his religion teachers quite unabashedly spread their real ideas to the public.

Selçuk Ö., an Islamic religion teacher appointed by IGGÖ, posts his views on the Internet without any timidity:In addition to the hateful comments against the alleged “Nazi Austria” and the fear that Muslims “are the next ones to die in Hitler’s gas chambers and end up as soap”, there are a lot of anti-Semitic postings on the page of the self-proclaimed “dialogue appointee”.Selçuk Ö. took the cake ten years ago with a cartoon in which a man with a crooked nose, Star of David and sidelocks rubs his hands in front of a smoking gas chamber, apparently full of Palestinians.The teacher comments below: “The Gaz(a) Chamber continues its incessant work, a fascinating caricature!”

Even during the attempted coup d’état in Turkey Selçuk Ö. leaves no doubt about his convictions: Under a call to restrict the opposition’s freedom of expression and to expel all those involved, the declared Social Democratic Party of Austria (SPÖ) voter demands to go one step further and “let the traitors hang”. It is also particularly embarrassing that all this is happening in front of dozens of IGGÖ officials: In addition to several IGGÖ school inspectors, several teachers of Islam who teach at Austria’s public schools, as well as his head, the IGGÖ chairman Ümit Vural himself, can be found in his Facebook friends list.

Ö.s Facebook account also brings together the local Islam celebrities: Besides “racism expert” Sonia Zaafrani, politicians such as Hakan Gördü, Turgay Taskiran and SPÖ councillor Omar Al-Rawi are among the Facebook friends of the Turk, who are otherwise particularly sensitive to possible discrimination when it is voiced by Europeans.

Maximilian Weinzierl, deputy chairman of the ” Free Students Vienna”, demands the resignation of IGGÖ boss Vural:

If it is true that such posts have been posted for years with the knowledge of half of the IGGÖ officials, anything but a resignation of those responsible is out of the question. Furthermore, until the actual circumstances are clarified, the Ministry of Education should be responsible for the teaching of Islam and the appointment of teachers. inquired at the IGGÖ and wanted to know whether the teacher’s Facebook postings glorifying violence were known and whether something would be done about it. We have not received an answer so far.

The question that remains:

For years, a teacher at an Austrian school, financed by the Austrian taxpayer, posted articles that were subject to criminal law. And no one cares: not the mainstream media, which otherwise brand every slightest expression of displeasure by a native as a hate crime, not the honorary and full-time racism and extremism “experts”, not the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Counter-Terrorism. All these unsavory postings were noticed by dozens of IGGÖ officials. There too: no reply. Which is why it must be assumed that at least a certain sympathy for the statements could be there. Which leads to the question to what extent the religious community is suitable to continue to appoint the teaching staff at Austrian schools.

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