Unclear If Face Masks Have Saved Any Lives, But They Just Cost One

Also predictable.

Mask mandates have triggered violent reactions in some parts of the country. And it’s not surprising. Driving 10 miles to a store only to be told that you can’t buy what you need because you don’t have a mask, is going to be infuriating. Confrontations have already occurred in Oklahoma and, in this case in Michigan, a confrontation turned not only violent, but deadly.

The Genessee County Prosecutor’s office said Monday afternoon that a Flint Family Dollar security guard who was killed on Friday was shot following a dispute with a customer who would not put on a mask in the store.

The 43-year-old security guard was shot Friday afternoon at the Family Dollar on Fifth Ave in Flint. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. 

Obviously the shooter was almost certainly a career criminal and should get the death penalty/spend the rest of his life in jail.

But this hazardous situation didn’t have to occur.

The basis for suggesting that people wearing bandanas or cloth masks on their faces is going to save lives is dubious. For much of the duration of the pandemic, WHO and the CDC were saying the exact opposite. And so people are right to roll their eyes.

Wearing masks is almost as useless as wearing porous gloves to the store. They seem to have more to do with pandemic culture than anything practical.

And in 90 plus degree weather, masks become downright hazardous. That’s not counting shootings like these.

It’s unclear that masks have saved any lives, but at least one life was lost because of them.


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