Knife attacks on passers-by committed by a group of Syrians in Hanau, Germany – Are the perpetrators some kind of “Sharia police”?

In Hanau yesterday, young men “with full beards” attacked passers-by with knives, four of the victims were taken to the emergency room during the night. Two suspects have already been arrested.

Last night, the Hanau police reported: After four people with injuries, including stab wounds, were committed to the emergency room of the Hanau hospital shortly after each other at about 10 pm, the police are currently searching for several men. The police helicopter was also used in the search. According to initial findings, the passers-by were travelling independently in the areas Leimenstraße/Langstraße, Hirschstraße and at Freiheitsplatz. When they each encountered a group of five to seven unidentified persons and were attacked. Almost all of the perpetrators are said to have full beards. One is about 20 years old, 6’2″ tall and muscular. He has dark blond hair and wore short trousers. The injured four men are aged 17, 23 (2x) and 26 years. According to current knowledge, none of them is in mortal danger. The Hanau public prosecutor’s office has taken over the investigation. This morning, the police reported: “After four people with injuries, including stab wounds, had been admitted to the hospital in Hanau last night, the police provisionally arrested two suspects following a witness statement. The two Hanau residents, aged 23 and 29, are currently in custody. The Hanau public prosecutor’s office and the Hanau criminal police have taken over further investigations”.

According to information from the Bild newspaper, the two ” Hanau residents” who were arrested are Syrian. The victims are also said to have a migration background. Were the perpetrators a kind of “Sharia police”, who watched over the observance of Ramadan in Hanau?

According to Focus, the public prosecutor’s office has now confirmed that the men arrested are Syrian. And further: “No information is available yet on the background of the crime, the spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office explains further. “At the present time, we have no indication whatsoever that the attacks have a political or xenophobic background,” says Mies. Mies has not yet been able to confirm reports that the attacks were preceded by an argument in a Turkish snack bar in downtown Hanau.

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