Police on alert at the funeral of a member of a criminal Arab clan in Berlin, Germany

Major operation for the Berlin police! Today, Monday, the deceased mother of clan leader Issa Remmo is to be buried. It is expected that numerous members of the well-known Arabic Remmo clan will be present at the funeral service.Do they adhere to the currently valid Corona measures? And what other guests will be present? After there had been riots in the days before in front of a hospital in the Kreuzberg district and in front of the Remmo property in the Alt-Buckow district, this time the group should be at the Sehitlik Mosque on Columbiadamm from 9 am. The police were on duty at this location with 150 officers. In the mosque the ablution of the body is supposed to take place according to Islamic rite. Then the body will be wrapped in a white shroud and taken to the New Twelve Apostles Cemetery.

At the cemetery, officers of the Berlin police, federal police, ambulance and police officers in plain clothes were at the entrance. In total there were 250 officers. There were barriers and vehicle checks everywhere – in both directions from Sachsendamm. All vehicles trying to enter the area were stopped and checked. The police occupied a room in a house from which they can record and take pictures. Around 10.30 a.m. the first, about 80 mourners, gathered at a police cordon on Sachsendamm, about 150 metres from the entrance. The police stopped them. Special forces and officers will question them and point out the Corona distance rules. At the same time, the influx from the direction of Südkreuz increased. From here, mourners arrived on foot.

Shortly before, the hearse, accompanied by special forces and flashing blue lights, had already arrived at the cemetery. From an Audi car that followed the funeral procession could be heard a loud funeral song.


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