Now it is official: Corona lockdown does not apply to refugees in Germany, only to Germans

The Corona hysteria has ensured that fitness centres and sports facilities throughout Germany remain closed. Even joint training of football, handball and other teams is not possible because of the ban on physical contact. Obviously, however, this only applies to Germans. Quite different in Elsterwerda in the state of Brandenburg, as the newspaper Lausitzer Allgemeine (article with a paywall) reports:There is standing – full of sadness and with proper distance to each other – a group of German recreational sportsmen in front of their supposedly closed sports hall. They discuss how things could go on during and after the lockdown.The group couldn’t hardly believe it when all of a sudden the light inside turns on and the training starts:but only for “unaccompanied minor refugees”. Dozens of young people practice team sports, work out, play. No distance, no masks, fully physical contact. Germans, however, have to stay outside. The crazy statement by the authorities: All young migrants live together in one institution. This could well be seen as a “family bond” and so they could do everything together – even do sports.Corona is facing German families with problems that cannot be overcome: daycare and school closed, jobs at risk, no money. But if you enter our country saying the magic word “asylum”, you don’t need to bother with such things and – thanks to the red tape – you can even enjoy the currently empty gym. Unbelievable!

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