Muslim Riots in Paris Lack Social Distancing

There was no social distancing, but there was plenty of violence on display as Muslim riots continued for a second night.

Rioting broke out in housing estates around Paris as tensions escalated over the coronavirus lockdown.

Footage posted on social media showed protesters hurling projectiles including fireworks, and police responding with tear gas and baton charges. Other videos showed several police cars and bins being set alight.

It followed prosecutors opening an enquiry after a 30-year-old motorcyclist, reportedly from an Arab Muslim background, was critically injured after a collision with an unmarked police car in the suburb.

Residents claimed it was an example of police heavy-handedness against ethnic minority communities during the lockdown.

So much for Safer at Home.

Despite a large police force, “forty individuals” braved the confinement to fight it out, for about two hours, with the police . The police responded to projectile shots with LBD and tear gas. Calm returned around 2 a.m. with no injuries. No arrest was made, said a police source.

“My client is just beginning to realize what has happened, he does not understand that the investigation is directed against him when he is the victim. Inevitably, he fears that it is his word against that of the police, “said Stéphane Gas. A fear reinforced by the fact that the biker is very unfavorably known to the police and justice services. Convicted 14 times, the victim, aged 30, had been under judicial supervision since March 16 for death threats, said the prosecution.

So the usual.

Arab Muslim with extensive criminal record. His buddies converge to riot and face off with the police. Social distancing rules and lockdowns are irrelevant.

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