Has Paris water been contaminated by Covid-19?

Has Parisian water been contaminated by the Coronavirus? According to the mayor of Paris there is no reason for panic, despite the discovery of “small traces” of the virus in the city’s non-potable water network.

As FranceInfo indicated, this water is usually only used to clean the streets and traces of the virus have only been discovered on “4 of the 27 sampling points tested” according to the laboratory of the municipal water authority from Paris. In addition, this network is a “completely independent network” added the town hall authority.

But online news outlet 20 minutes confirmed that the City immediately decided to suspend the use of the network as a “precautionary measure”. It also added that the other network, the one used for everyday consumption, was not affected. “It [the water] can be consumed without any risk”.

“The non-potable water network is supplied by so-called raw water taken from the Seine and the Ourcq canal, routed without heavy treatment” the city declared. This water is used to water parks and gardens, clean streets and operate waterfalls for example.

The assistant to the mayor of Paris in charge of the ecological transition, Célia Blauel, decided to seize the Regional health agency so that it could “analyze the possible risks presented by these traces”.

“We have an in-house laboratory, we are the first to have these results and to sound the alarm,” she said. The mayor of Paris hopes to have the results in the course of next week.


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