Berlin Corona emergency aid scandal: Islamic hate preacher instructed Breitscheidplatz assassins

As it now turns out, the Islamist hate preacher Ahmad Armih, who unjustly collected Corona emergency aid of 18,000 euros, taught the Breitscheidplatz assassin Anis Amri and the IS terrorist and former rapper “Deso Dogg”. Born in 1973, the native Palestinian, who is preaching under the alias name of Ahmad Abul Baraa, came to Germany during the Lebanese civil war and has been doing Islamic missionary work throughout Germany for 17 years, as the tabloid “Bild” reports. In the As-Sahaba Mosque founded in 2010 in the corner of Torf-street and Sprengelstreet “Abul Baraa” radicalized and became an Imam. “In his sermons he repeatedly stirs up the fear of the revenge from Allah and the Prophet – which affects all those who do not strictly observe the regulations of the Koran,” the newspaper reports. Undeterred by the investigations of the public prosecutor’s office, which seized parts of the allegedly ripped-off Corona aid money during a house search this week, the Salafist continues to preach on the Internet and spread his fundamentalist, anti-constitutional views. Already in December 2018, Armih was the target of a raid at the As-Sahaba Mosque: At that time, 16,000 euros in cash and data material were seized; just as with the Corona money that had just been fraudulently obtained, there were also strong suspicions that the hate preacher could still be supporting IS terrorists in the Middle East war zones, according to the tabloid “Bild”.

Now it became public that among Armih’s audience were, among others, the rapper “Deso Dogg”, who later became an IS murderer in Syria, as well as the Breitscheidplatz terrorist Anis Amri. According to “Bild”, he also maintained close contacts with Reda Seyam, the Egyptian terrorist who is considered the mastermind behind the terrorist attacks in Bali in October 2002, which left 150 dead. The fact that the German Office for the Protection of the Constitution had him under surveillance in the face of such connections makes it all the more incomprehensible that the Berlin development bank IBB paid out unchecked Corona aid money to Armih, who was officially registered as a welfare recipient.

In Berlin, the Salafist scene is growing about twice as fast as in the rest of Germany: in 2019, the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution counted 1120 people here among the milieu of the toughest Islamists – according to its boss Michael Fischer, this was 100 persons more than in the previous year and corresponds to an increase of ten percent. “Bild” sums up: “Berlin may have a bigger Salafist problem than the republic as a whole”.

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