Germany: Tunisian sets fire to homeless shelter and to locomotive

On last Thursday morning, an initially unknown person set fire to the attic of a homeless shelter on Rosa Luxemburg Street in Glauchau. Firefighters extinguished the fire. Fortunately, nobody was injured. However, the flames partially destroyed the wooden roof construction, making the house uninhabitable after the fire. Shortly afterwards, the suspect lit paper in the driver’s cab of a diesel locomotive at the nearby station, causing damage to the locomotive to an unknown extent. The 37-year-old locomotive driver extinguished the fire and was subsequently treated in hospital as an outpatient on suspicion of smoke intoxication. The man then set fire to paper again on an empty wagon. However, the fire extinguished by itself, so that no material damage was caused here. Shortly afterwards, police officers were able to find the suspect on the station premises and arrest him provisionally. On Thursday afternoon, the 34-year-old Tunisian was brought before a judge who issued an arrest warrant. The suspect was then taken to a prison.

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