WATCH: Again riots in German asylum centre – “refugees” want to escape from quarantine

The municipality of Neumünster had lifted the quarantine over the entire state accommodation after two weeks as planned this morning at 08.00 am. Exceptions to this are the inhabitants of the quarantine facility (where the infected inhabitants and their relatives are accommodated) and the isolation facility. Thereupon the 30-40 residents gathered in front of their house and protested loudly at the fence that had been erected around the building. As the situation initially appeared to escalate, additional police forces were sent to the shelter.

There were about 80 police officers on site. The situation calmed down, however, and the residents of the isolation house gave up their protests. Together with employees of the state accommodation, the police and the German Red Cross, a discussion with the inhabitants was arranged. After this discussion the situation had calmed down, the residents had understood that their isolation had to be maintained until the middle of next week. While police forces could be discharged early from the deployment around noon, the deployment was completed at 3:15 pm after the discussion. All requested police forces were discharged from duty. During the entire duration of the operation no one was injured, neither on the part of the police nor on the part of the residents. There were no criminal offences.

Some details or the usual threats by asylum seekers are missing in the above police report: As reports, a family there has stirred up the other people living in the building, threatening to tear down the fences around the building, climb over them or jump out of the window.

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