Germany: Again the mother of a baby killed by a Muslim

In the case of the murdered woman (†27) from the banks of the river Wupper, the homicide squad continues to investigate at full steam. Thursday morning, the crime scene in Wuppertal was investigated from the air with a drone.

The victim’s former spouse (43 years old) is considered a prime suspect and has been in custody since Tuesday on suspicion of manslaughter. According to the public prosecutor’s office, he “has not yet admitted to the case”. In March, the victim separated from her partner, to whom she was married under Moroccan law. After the violent death of the mother, her child (6 months old) immediately came into the care of the Youth Welfare Office. According to the current state of investigations, an consensual meeting between the ex-partners took place on Easter Sunday between 7 and 8 pm in the area of Völklinger Street and Hünefeld Street. What then happened on the banks of the Wupper has not yet been conclusively determined. Presumably there was an argument between the two, which then ended fatally. During the autopsy the cause of death was found to be “external violence”. For reasons of investigation tactics, the public prosecutor’s office has not yet provided more detailed information. The homicide squad is also continuing to search for eyewitnesses who may be able to provide important clues to the investigators. Witnesses are asked to contact the police by calling 0202 /284 1122.

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