Corona measures cause German asylum numbers to drop sharply

The border controls introduced due to the Corona crisis have led to a sharp decline in asylum numbers.

As can be seen from a response from the Federal Government to an inquiry by AfD MP Stephan Brandner, since the start of the measures at German borders, the Federal Police have only registered single-digit applications for asylum.

“The number of people who have submitted an application for asylum at land, air and sea borders since March 16, 2020,” according to the Federal Government in the 12th calendar week was twelve entries on land and others 20 by air. There were only four overland and three the following week. According to the statistics, no asylum seekers have come by plane so far.

The AfD sees this as proof that border controls regulate the number of migrants. “Apparently border controls do mean something. Although the federal government had assumed significantly higher figures at the beginning of April, it is now becoming clear that if you want to protect German borders, you can do that, ” Brandner told Berlin weekly Junge Freiheit.

Since extensive travel restrictions and curfews were also imposed in Italy, Austria, Belgium and France, hardly any migrants from outside the EU reach the German borders.

According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the controls introduced at the German borders due to the Corona crisis are to be extended for just under three weeks, the Bild newspaper reported.

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