San Francisco Bans Reusable Shopping Bags

The Wuhan coronavirus has made the already evident insanity of reusable shopping bags so obvious that now we read this:

In 2007 San Francisco proudly became the first city to ban plastic bags. But last Tuesday the city’s Department of Health issued new guidelines, which now ban people from going to stores and coffee shops with “their own bags, mugs, or other reusable items from home.”

Virtue-signaling moonbats can’t save the planet without their filthy reusable shopping bags and coffee mugs. But even the leftists running San Francisco understand that we have real problems to deal with.

The Chancre by the Bay isn’t alone:

Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Illinois and Oregon have temporarily suspended their own bans on plastic bags, imposed new bans on reusable bags, or both.

Hawaii and Washington state have reversed their bans too.

Coronavirus epicenter New York has held off enforcement on its plastic bag ban until May 15. Since no one denies that plastic bags are not only more convenient, efficient, and economical but a clear benefit to public health, why not kill the moronic not to mention tyrannical plastic bag ban altogether? Because where liberalism has triumphed, the statist ratchet as a rule only moves in one direction: toward ever greater government control. The best you can hope for is to slow it down a little.

San Francisco’s new ban on reusable bags says nothing about plastic bags. But banning the bags that were supposed to be the smart alternative to plastic is probably as close a progressive city ever gets to admitting it was wrong.

How San Franciscans can legally carry their groceries is unclear.

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