Germany: Mass brawl in refugee shelter that was put under quarantine

A knife attack between residents of the refugee shelter on the Friedberg in Suhl has turned into a mass brawl.

In the night to today’s Thursday there had been “tumultuous incidents within the area”, as Daniel Wiegmann, the head of the Suhl fire brigade, said during the night. The perpetrators caused fear and terror in the facility. This turned into a brawl between about 50 residents. The men allegedly attacked each other with wooden sticks, iron bars and stones, according to the police. In the facility itself, fire extinguishers were used to spray around, which also triggered fire alarms. According to the fire department, there was no fire. In the widespread panic, a woman jumped out of the window on the third floor and broke her leg. She was taken to hospital. When the paramedics arrived, several men attacked the ambulance and hit it. A total of about seven people have been injured. Some of them so badly that they needed medical care. One man is in hospital with stab wounds, according to the police. But he is not critically injured. To treat numerous residents on site, the ambulance staff had erected a tent in front of the facility.;art83456,7207905?fbclid=IwAR0tYJhSp50-1yX6KusMRc-zB0ThE1qX6Aee3gLwLbzRSWxE6ix85euxOyY

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