France: Corona crisis an excuse not to report Islamist attack

On Saturday, April 4, in the French town of Romans-sur-Isère (Drôme) an Islamist attack that left two victims dead, was not reported in the news.

Perpetrated by a Sudanese asylum seeker, and despite the obviousness of the religious motive and its multiple proofs, the mainstream French radio station still found it too difficult to recognize the real problem. And thanks to the Coronavirus crisis, the attack was decidedly under-reported.

A knife attack accompanied by cries of Allah Akbar was not characterized as “Islamist” by mainstream political and media elites. In the aftermath of the attack that marked the commune of Drôme, the Parisian morning show of France Inter kept their unshakable silence.

Journalist Gilles-William Goldnadel commented: “Ten long minutes of information: Situation in France and abroad. Not a second devoted to the Islamist attack of the previous day.”

The written section (with very few readers) of the public service information center, France Info, reported on the attack without mentioning the nature of the act committed the day before, and even seemed to find an excuse for the murderer: “The suspect was disturbed by the confinement rules,” and “very worried about his health,” said the article, without irony…

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