Corona in Germany: Easter is cancelled, Ramadan event with 50000 participants is not !
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Christian Easter is cancelled in Germany, but the Muslim Ramadan is to take place as planned – so far. For example with a large-scale celebration, where about 50,000 Muslims will gather in Dortmund for three weeks to celebrate. Europe’s major Ramadan event in Europe with 50.000 visitors (!) will take place in the Westphalia Halls in Dortmund. Despite allegedly great dangers because of Corona virus and despite the fact that the churches were urged shortly before to cancel the Easter festival. And they have been intimidated, with very few notable exceptions. At least this is what the city of Dortmund said a few weeks ago.And up to the hour the festival is eagerly advertised, but a request to the organizer, who continues to announce the event, whether the event should continue, has remained unanswered so far. Also the city of Dortmund has received a press request from the internet portal PP, as soon as we get more information here, we will publish it here! The only concession to the contact and curfew, allegedly implemented for our safety, that the municipality has made so far: the whole thing does not take place in the open air, but in the halls.

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