Germany: Infected asylum seekers riot

On Thursday, around 40 asylum seekers rioted against accommodation in an initial reception facility, the Bild newspaper reported.

The spokesman for the responsible social authority, Bernd Schneider, then told the newspaper: “There are currently 600 people living in a small space. We are therefore looking for alternatives.”

On Tuesday, the first Corona case in the initial reception facility was registered with the social services. Every immigrant is now being tested, Schneider confirmed. “The person concerned came to Bremen without symptoms. He was quarantined and isolated immediately after the result.”

Bremen, like other federal states, had accepted asylum seekers despite the entry restrictions due to the Corona crisis. According to Bild, there were 73 in Bremen in March.

In other federal states, immigrants had also protested against the Corona measures. In Schneeberg, Saxony, the riot police had to enforce the ban on contact because asylum seekers did not comply with the measures imposed.

The government of Thuringia turned to the Bundeswehr for an asylum-seeker uprising in an accommodation in Suhl with a request for administrative assistance. In Schwerin, the authorities did not take any quarantine measures, even though there were twenty confirmed Corona cases in an asylum seeker home.

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