Germany fails its heroes – 2,300 hospital workers infected with Corona

So far, according to the Robert-Koch institute, 2,300 cases of COVID-19 infections have been recorded among doctors and caregivers in Germany, Süddeutsche Zeitung reports

The real number could be much higher, however. Consequences for sick people could be devastating.

Many private practices have already shut down because doctors and their personnel have contracted the virus and have fallen ill.

As German hospitals are experiencing a shortage of essential protective gear, they are pleading for help.
Hospitals in Berlin have appealed to the public to make masks, especially to tailors. The hospitals have gone so far as to put out instructional videos showing how to make the masks. 

The 2,300 healthcare workers infected with the Sars-CoV-2 virus only include the people working in hospitals. Private practices, laboratory workers, retirement and nursing home outpatient caregivers are excluded.

While hospitals are begging for help, tailors are being intimidated with possible fines and criminal persecution if they mislabel masks.

Trinkwalder, the owner of a sewing company in Augsburg laid down some harsh criticismfor the authorities and lawyers.

“We are currently producing 10.000 mouth and nose coverings. Here I have to be careful already not to mention the ‘protective’. If we made full use of our capacity it could be 50.000 – 60.000.”

The problem is specifically about deliveries. Her company is only permitted to release the masks on behalf of official authorities or systematically to important facilities.

It makes no difference whether she gives away the masks or, as she currently says, sells them at cost price.
”We have to reject every small request from private nursing services or children’s hospices.”

When asked about the guilty parties, she went on to say:  “Lawyers, who apparently have too much free time in their home office.”

Trinkwalder fears fines because her masks are not certified as medical products. If they are brought into circulation anyway, she could become liable.

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