Germany: Afghan stabs neighbour and her nine-year-old daughter to death out of greed

On the evening of February 29, Ahmad Z. discovers his nine-year-old daughter Tajala and wife Homa (38) dead in the common flat on the 8th floor in Berlin. The man had had to call the police and a locksmith because he did not manage to get into the apartment after work. The wife and daughter had not been reachable by phone for hours. He is seeking the help of a fellow Afghan Ali H. (32 years old), father of two sons, lives four floors below in the same house. Both families are friends. He goes with the desperate father to the locked apartment door on the 8th floor and tells him to call the police. The apartment key of Homa Z. is broken inside the door when the helpers open it. In the devastated apartment the family man collapses in shock. His little daughter lies stabbed to death in the hallway, his wife covered in blood under a blanket in the bedroom. She too has been stabbed. To cover his tracks, her killer sprayed the contents of a fire extinguisher at the scene of the crime. Why the woman and her child were killed is initially a mystery to the investigators of the 4th homicide department. On March 18th, the Homicide Squad offers a reward for clues, looking primarily for a fire extinguisher. Now Ali H. has been arrested. Martin Steltner, spokesman for the Berlin public prosecutor’s office, comments to the newspaper B.Z.: “A warrant has been issued for double murder out of greed, the suspect has been in custody since Friday.” According to information from the newspaper B.Z., Ali H. suspected that the family had received a large sum of money. When Ahmad Z. had gone to work on February 29th, he is said to have gained access to the apartment under a pretext and killed Homa Z. with several stab wounds. To cover up this murder, little Tajala had to die too. He took back the fire extinguisher with which he covered his tracks. Apparently he didn’t get any loot.

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