Hospitals in Paris region ‘living in a real hell’

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, hospitals in the Parisian region of Seine-Saint-Denis are now saturated. The hospital staff are living in a real “hell”.

The influx of contaminated people is incessant. As the site reported on Saturday, March 28, Seine-Saint-Denis has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The health crisis is worsening daily in France, and hospital staff are on the brink of breaking down. “I’m afraid for this weekend, for tonight, for tomorrow. Every day is a challenge,” says Stéphane Gaudry, a doctor in intensive care at the Avicenne hospital (Bobigny) and Jean-Verdier (Bondy).

Faced with the lack of intensive care beds and the lack of respirators, caregivers can only note the growing number of deaths in the department.

The main cause of this very large influx in hospitals is sadly the non-compliance with confinement rules. “Now we need the army on the streets. This is no longer bearable,” said Stéphane Gaudry, who recommends three weeks of confinement in the sector.

“We’re going through hell here. It has to stop, people kill each other on their way out. Yes, the Coronavirus affects everyone,” added this doctor, who underlines the state of fatigue of the hospital staff.

“We will see our exhaustion afterwards, for now we have to be there. This crisis will leave significant psychological traces,” he warned. As a reminder, the assessment in France on Friday evening March 27 was 1 995 deaths linked to the Coronavirus, that is 299 more than on Thursday.

The French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe fears an increase in cases, especially in Île-de-France.

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