Italian nurse commits suicide for fear of spreading the virus

Rage and despair at the Coronavirus epidemic now raging around the world, has taken the life of a 34-year-old Italian nurse, Daniela Trezzi. She died on Tuesday, March 24, announced the National Federation of Nurses Italy.

CNews reported on Friday March 27 that she had worked in the intensive care unit of the San Gerardo hospital in Monza, north of Milan.

The nurse, who eventually developed symptoms of the Coronavirus, was placed in quarantine on March 10 after testing positive. Italian healthcare workers are on the front line facing an influx of patients and the epidemic has still not reached its peak.

The colleagues of the deceased all say they feel “intense stress” at the idea of ​​contaminating those around them.

The National Federation of Italian Nurses paid tribute to the deceased nurse. “The 450 000 professionals in Italy stand with the family, friends and colleagues of Daniela” they said on Twitter. “Nurses never abandon anyone, even – and this has just been proven – at the risk of their own lives. We should not abandon nurses.”

According to the organisation, another suicide had happened “for the same reasons”. A few weeks ago in Venice, a nurse drowned herself in the Piave river. Italy now has more than 9 000 deaths from Coronavirus, with more than a thousand deaths in the past 24 hours.

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