Germany: Corona-infected asylum seekers are allowed to move around freely!

While restrictive measures to contain the Coronavirus pandemic are in place for large parts of the population, from curfews and contact bans to business closures, asylum seekers and migrants seem to care very little about these security requirements.In many cases, the authorities see themselves as “powerless”, turn a blind eye or do not even take action when foreigners disregard quarantine measures. But a case from the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania that has now become known is likely to break the camel’s back.

Concerned citizens in the town of Parchim (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) contacted the AfD party and reported to party officials about migrants wearing respirators on the grounds of the former Office of Agriculture, which was converted into an asylum centre. Similar reports also came from the first intake asylum centre in Stern-Buchholz, just outside the state capital of Schwerin. The investigations of the AfD, under the chairman of the city faction in Parchim Tobias Pontow, brought a real scandal to light:

In Parchin alone, more than ten asylum seekers who have tested positive are said to be residing in the meantime, without the population having been informed. At the same time, some of these infected persons are said to have already escaped from quarantine.

After initially only one security guard (!) was on site in Stern-Buchholz to guard the asylum seekers’ shelter and its inhabitants, the police are now on site. But: The quarantine of the migrants is on a voluntary basis, as the police themselves announced! When asked by the AfD politician whether the police are on 24-hour watch outside the quarter, it was replied that they are only there to protect the quarantine centre and not to watch over the asylum seekers who are voluntarily in quarantine. And the scandal is even bigger. This “voluntary quarantine” was not respected by the residents, as was to be expected. According to a press release issued by the Schwerin public transportation company, asylum seekers infected with the coronavirus may have used public transportation in Schwerin. Bus line 9 between Stauffenbergstraße and Stern Buchholz has therefore been suspended until further notice. Two men from the Asylum Seekers’ Initial Reception Centre Stern-Buchholz had been in one of the buses and had been quarantined as infected persons. They were expelled from the bus and brought back to Stern-Buchholz. All vehicles of the line were cleaned as a precaution. However, how many citizens may have been infected with the potentially deadly virus as a result of this will probably never be known. In view of these terrible incidents, the AfD therefore rightly asks why Schwerin with the Stern-Buchholz refugee centre does not follow the example in Suhl (Thuringia), where the refugee centre for asylum seekers was completely put under strict quarantine after the occurrence of Corona cases (despite riots by the local residents, we reported)? There, the residents are no longer allowed to leave the premises. In Schwerin, however, this is apparently still possible, even if the authorities and the city and state governments continue to deny this. A detail on the side: The police stationed near the asylum centres even subtly accused the AfD research team of wanting to spread “fear and incitement” with the video clip and recorded the personal details of the politicians and functionaries!

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