Germany: Thieving North African resists police measures and claims to have a “corona infection”

The accused Tunisian is suspected of having committed a robbery in a supermarket in the Schwerin district of Lankow on the 25th of March 2020 at 10:45 am. In the course of the local search, the accused and another suspect (32-year-old Tunisian) were identified by the officers of the Schwerin police headquarters. The two accused were taken into custody by the police officers. The 31-year-old resisted the police officers. He apparently coughed on them intentionally, saying that he had the infectious disease Corona. After a medical examination and due to the lack of symptoms, the two suspects were released from custody to their registration address, the Stern Buchholz refugee shelter.The two suspects were charged with robbery. During the course of the evening, in the asylum shelter, the 31-year-old repeatedly disobeyed the instructions of the security personnel there as well as the police officers deployed. Once again, the accused tried to sneeze and spit in the direction of the officers and repeatedly stated that he had become infected with the corona virus.Thereupon he was detained and further charges of trespassing and assault were filed.On the basis of the statement that he was infected with the coronavirus and his unruly behaviour, the Schwerin District Court issued an order for the detention of the accused until the 28th of March 2020.A smear test was made on the accused to verify the truth of his statement. Further appropriate rulings will be made after the results of the investigation are received.

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