Corona precautions: Islamists Mock German "Kuffar"

The Corona crisis is an opportunity for model “integrated” Islamists in the midst of Germany to live out their usual resentments and prejudices against non-believers, “kuffar”, without restraint. The fact that non-Muslim Germans now regularly wash their hands or “cover themselves” in order to protect themselves from infection provokes them to ridicule.

Islamist Internet portals made fun of the Corona prevention measures of the natives – as if these were new findings that the Koran had been providing for 1400 years. That the commandment to wash one’s hands is no more a ritual cleansing than the wearing of mouthguards is a form of veiling – but rather hygiene measures that are not even remotely realized in the vast majority of the Islamic hemisphere.

Of course, the hate preachers of Islamization don’t care. Their collective inferiority complex, which suggests a feeling of superiority to their own followers, overlooks the fact that the hated “infidels” are light years ahead of the Muslim stage of development in scientific and medical terms. Certainly, natural history, ancient knowledge of salvation and oriental medicine in Maghreb and Mashreq are fascinating and time-honoured, but what Salafists and Wahabbites suggest to their followers as superiority are crude half-truths and fairy tales for a pre-medieval world view. For these fanatics, bare hands for anal cleansing are always more important than toilet paper.

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