Teens Cough on Produce, Post Video

Remember last year’s fad of licking ice cream, then putting it back on the shelf? Coronavirus has inspired a new version:

Idle teenagers are participating in a “disturbing trend” of coughing on grocery store produce and posting their pranks online as the nation fights the coronavirus, which is known to spread from human “droplets” spraying from mouths.

The latest incident occurred in the Washington exurb of Purcellville, Virginia, some 55 miles from the White House. …

The police investigating the case said that there is a national trend by teenagers to cough on food and film it.

Any number of teenagers carry the virus asymptomatically. The risk of mortality is of course far higher for older people.

The costs of letting society slide into sociopathic, narcistic, nihilistic immorality are incalculable. It is hard to imagine teens potentially murdering their own grandparents for laughs in say the 1950s.


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