Police union leader blasts Merkel’s gov’t for not banning Iran flights

The deputy chairman of the German police Union, Jörg Radek, on Monday sharply rebuked Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government for failing to restrict air traffic from the coronavirus-infected country of Iran.“If we close the land border, then we must also restrict air traffic,” Radek told the news outlet RND. He added that it would be best if certain planes “did not even start.” Radek said that in connection to travel from the Islamic Republic, “you have to take measures that this is not possible.”

Iran is at the epicenter of the coronavirus in the Middle East. Iranian authorities reported that the death rate has reached 853 and that 14,991 people are infected with the virus. The real numbers of deaths and infections are believed to be significantly higher due to the opaque nature of reporting in a society deemed not to be free.Merkel’s administration has permitted flights from the US-sanctioned IranAir to land in German cities.Germany’s Transport Ministry said on Monday that it planned to halt flightsfrom Iran and China.The announcement came as incredulous commentators on social media could not understand the decision by Merkel’s government to permit Iranian regime flights to enter Germany.Germany is Iran’s most important European trade partner.

German-Iranian dissident Kazem Moussavi tweeted on Monday: “Shame on Appeasement! Politics allows the Corona-Mullah-Airline to land in Germany.”A video circulated on social media showing Iranians arriving in Germany without any meaningful anti-coronavirus precautions. Writing on the popular news and commentary website The Axis of Good, Anabel Schunke wrote that the video was shown by, “an online branch of Westdeutscher Rundfunk, which was set up specifically for refugees and is therefore not aimed at the German population at all.”She noted that “Unlike in other countries, there are no previous tests or even a mandatory quarantine for travelers from Iran.”


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