Stockholm stops testing for Covid-19 – abandons notion of detecting infected

On March 12, the Health Guide for the Stockholm Region stated that the region has now ceased testing for the Coronavirus.

“Those who have symptoms similar to Coronavirus will not be tested in the future. This applies regardless of whether you have been in the areas that were previously exposed to infection or had close contact with someone you know is ill in Covid-19.”

They will “concentrate” on the sampling of those hospitalized with symptoms of Covid-19. The purpose of this is to protect other patients.

To the Swedish daily Expressen, Erik Berglund, Press Manager at Region Stockholm, said that Region Stockholm is now abandoning the “idea of ​​catching everyone” infected. They choose to focus only on those in the risk group.

If you feel sick with a fever, cough, cough and sore throat, the Care Guide advises that you do not meet anyone “other than those you live with” and refrain from traveling by bus, subway, train or air.

It concludes by noting that the changed routines will lead to fewer cases being reported, but that this does not mean that the spread of infection is reduced.

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