Germany: Arrest warrant will not be executed – An Iraqi who smashed half the face of a man with an axe is allegedly insane

The arrest warrant against the 34-year-old Iraqi, who has been convicted of several criminal offences and who smashed half of the face of a 33-year-old Munich resident with an axe in front of his wife, will not be enforced. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the migrant is said to have psychological problems and was therefore placed in a psychiatric ward.

Last Sunday, a 34-year-old Iraqi suddenly ran in front of the hood of a 33-year-old car driver in Munich. After the car driver brought his vehicle to a halt, the Iraqi hit the hood as if he was mad. The Munich resident got out of the car and wanted to take the rioter to task. Thereupon the Iraqi pulled an axe, hit his victim in the head on the left side and cut off almost half of his face. The aggressor missed the carotid artery and the artery in the collarbone area by a hair’s breadth. The wife of the professional driver had to watch helplessly from the passenger seat as her husband was attacked and collapsed covered in blood.

The migrant who had been living in Munich for three years fled. However, after the Iraqi had already been known to the police because of dangerous bodily harm three times and twice for other offences, he could be located and arrested because of the fingerprints left on the bonnet.

After the crime, it was quickly stated that the axe migrant had psychological problems. The public prosecutor’s office therefore requested his transfer to a psychiatric clinic. The original arrest warrant was not enforced and the transfer was ordered instead, a police spokesperson said on Thursday according to the news magazine Focus. He is now under investigation for dangerous bodily harm. An answer to the question of why this Merkel guest was not expelled long ago, when he became known to the police five times in total, the magazine Focus cannot answer. Instead, the mainstream magazine shuts off the reader commentary section, since “experience has shown that an objective discussion is not to be expected on this topic”.

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