Meet the victims of Hanau, Germany

This is Ferhat Unvar, one of Hanau’s victims.

In this picture he poses with the “Tauhid finger”, popular with radical Islamists, in addition to the Jihad flag of the Al-Qaeda terror network.

“A lovable guy from Hanau”.

Meanwhile it has been discovered that all the victims, including the gypsy Melanie Kirpacz from the infamous Kirpacz Gypsy clan, had extensive police records.

Four of them were making a living from drug dealing. All politicians made little innocents out of them at the funeral service in Hanau.

A funeral service was arranged in a way that Germany has never seen before.

For each victim family 30,000 € of emergency aid was given, and further financial means were promised.

All the stops were pulled out, from honorary citizenship to the golden medal of honour awarded by the city and monuments. (!!!)

What about German victims of Merkel’s illegal “guests” ???

In not one single case of the German victims who were murdered by Merkel’s invaders was there even a single condolence from a politician, not to mention the fact that financial means were given to the families of the victims!

Sometimes individual murders were not even mentioned by the press and “swept under the carpet”.

Germany has finished !

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