To Live and to Die in Merkel’s Germany: Hamburg Policeman Died After Attack by Felonious Turk Mahmut H.

A new chapter in the “success story” of successful integration in Germany: the Hamburg police officer who was deliberately run over by the violent Turk Mahmut H. in the course of a traffic control at the end of February died of his serious injuries. The sad news reached relatives and colleagues in the early morning hours.

The police officer and two other investigators had already been hot on the heels of the felon known to the police and courts on the 25th of February and were about to arrest him as he approached a police checkpoint. Suddenly H. accelerated, ran into the civilian patrol car of the police officers in search and pushed it 11 meters in front of him. The 57-year-old police officer suffered severe injuries and has been in a coma ever since – from which he never awoke. His police colleagues honoured the deceased on Twitter and expressed their condolences.

Particularly disturbing in this case again: Cop killer Mahmut H. should not have been at large at all, but should have been in jail long ago: No less than three arrest warrants were issued against the 29-year-old highly aggressive serial offender. Now a fourth one has been added – for bodily injury resulting in death, as the newspaper “Bild” reported this morning.

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