The Racist Hate Crime Caught on Video Shocked San Fran, Soros’ DA Let Him Go

As the pro-crime lobby gains more influence, you’ll hear a lot more about “restorative justice”.

That’s another term for not punishing criminals. But maybe asking them to say they’re sorry. And then asking the victim if that makes them feel any better. 

Here’s how George Soros’ DA is doing it in San Francisco with a racist hate crime that shocked the city.

An elderly man in San Francisco was mercilessly taunted while being robbed and assaulted as he collected recyclables, horrifying video shows.

The footage, which was posted to Twitter on Monday, shows an unidentified Asian man being mocked ruthlessly by onlookers during a racially charged attack that investigators believe occurred in the city’s Bayview section.

At one point, a black man is seen swinging what appears to be a metal pole at the victim, who was trying to retrieve several large bags of recycled goods he had apparently collected.

“Man, hey, go get your cans, man,” one witness said while taunting the victim. “Go get your cans, man, don’t be scared!”

Another witness kept egging on the elderly man to retaliate, video shows.

“He just robbed your dumb ass,” one bystander who recorded the incident said.

The victim was then struck in the head with the metal pole after walking toward his assailant, prompting jeers from several onlookers, according to the footage.

“They are his cans,” the man who recorded the assault said. “Go get your s–t.”

The man then added that he wouldn’t help the elderly victim, saying, “I hate Asians,” video shows.

The repulsive footage ends with a close-up of the victim’s face, showing him distraught and crying after the onslaught. An onlooker then shows him the footage on his cellphone while continuing to mock him, video shows.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed, meanwhile, said the actions shown on the footage were “shameful” and not reflective of the city.

Not reflective? Please. This is half of WorldStarHipHop. This is routine stuff. The difference is that, like the attacks on Orthodox Jews in Crown Heights and Williamsburg, it’s being caught on video and going viral.

Any yes, as expect the perps get off with nothing

The San Francisco District Attorney withdrew charges on Monday against one of two suspects in a widely publicized attack on a Chinese man who had been collecting recyclables in San Francisco’s Bayview district. 

Chesa Boudin first told the Chronicle that his office will pursue a “restorative justice” model against 20-year-old Dwayne Grayson, who was arrested last week on suspicion of robbery, elder abuse, a hate crime charge and probation violation following the attack on Feb. 22. 

Will this wake up the Asian community?

As the new Jews in urban areas, many of them are on the front lines of this kind of violence. Will they remember when Boudin comes up for reelection?

How’s that criminal justice reform coming along?

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