500 Muslims organize chases on Germans who celebrate carnival and beat them up

While politics, the state and mainstream media were still busy trying to lie about the rampage of an obviously crazy man in Hanau on all channels into a “right-wing motivated terrorist attack” in order to blame it on the AfD, the Cologne carnival brought back memories of New Year’s Eve 2015/16.

Police NRW Cologne notices a new phenomenon: people deliberately provoke celebrating members of the carnival party to start fights.

Usually the thugs are not dressed up, they have no interest in celebrating. They are deliberately on the lookout for Carnival revellers who have drunk a lot of alcohol. They provoke their victims and then beat them up. Some of it I have seen with my very own eyes, other reliable eyewitnesses known to me describe it as ” civil war-like conditions”, a police officer called it “hell”, and a friend who works in one of the nearby clubs said: “My main job the last few days has been to treat head wounds and the like”.Much more happened, however, because not only were “fights” provoked, but simply started immediately, head-on or from behind, and brutally kicked at victims who were already on the ground. This is what is missing from the reporting. Another striking but decisive detail is missing: The perpetrators have one thing in common, they come from the Islamic migrant milieu. Turks, Arabs, North Africans; some of them are German-speaking (i.e. have been living here for a longer period of time), others are not (i.e. Merkel’s guests). The victims also have one thing in common: they are so-called ” ethnic Germans”. While the Catholic Church cries for Hanau on Shrove Monday, a Muslim mob in Cologne’s carnival has organized four days of targeted hunts for German kids. That would have been the whole truth. But we can’t be expected to tell the truth, because that could push Hanau into the background and play into the hands of the right wing. Therefore they are just ” younger people”. Now, some may still consider it politically correct not to explicitly emphasise the origin of the perpetrators and victims in such acts. The Press Code suggests this in cases where the origin does not play a significant role in the evaluation of the crime. But it does here, because it is the motive: Muslims’ hatred of the Western way of life.


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