WATCH: Refugees terrorize citizens with acts of violence and Allahu Akbar shouts and demand to be allowed into Germany

Yesterday, Johannes Huber MdB, member of the German Parliament (AfD), shared a video on his Facebook account, which within a very short time spread enormously in the social network. And it shows footage that has been deliberately withheld from us by state-run broadcasters and mainstream media for years. The video is entitled: “Refugee Attack in Bosnia”. And further: “At the Croatian-Bosnian border: aggressive migrants all demand to go to Germany”

Voice over: 
“Here you can now see some of these peaceful refugees, who resemble more a mob of Islamist fighters than poor refugees in need of protection. They are running here armed with sticks aggressively and domineeringly  in the streets, shouting Allahu Akbar and other Islamic slogans…”

The images and recordings of the video are very remarkable when it comes to the (often Islamic motivated) propensity to violence of certain migrant groups. However, the video consists of a compilation of various sequences from different places and at different times. Most of the scenes are not current, easily recognizable by the season (summer) in which the footage was recorded. What is true, however, is that the German mainstream media have been hiding such footage from us for years. And yet they are an integral part of the overall complex of the so-called refugee crisis.

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