Hanau shooting: Suspect’s father is a Greens member

While the ruling political and media complex in Germany have been highly insolent and increasingly spouting extreme anti-AfD rhetoric about the “rightwing” shooter Tobias Rathjen as being part of a huge right-wing terrorist network of the AfD, it turns out that the shooter’s father is a Greens member and ran for the party in 2011.

Up until an accident, Rathjen is said to have been a talented young footballer who trained under Jürgen Klopp in the Eintracht Frankfurt youth team. He allegedy left a confused anti-immigrant “manifesto”, but as is the case with every “lone shooter’s manifesto” this individual was strangely killed before he could elaborate on his mentally disturbed theories.

A source who wished to remain anonymous has told FWM that Rathjen and his mother may have been assassinated even before the actual shooting took place, in order to shift the blame and plant evidence on Rathjen.

Meanwhile in Thuringia, the CDU, SPD, the Greens and the renamed SED (previously Die Linke), has agreed on a red-red-green minority government under Bodo Ramelow. Ramelow is to be elected Prime Minister on March 4, and new elections are planned for April 25, 2021. The minority parties have agreed on a “Stability Pact” to keep the AfD out.

This shooting has certainly helped the CDU melt with the left and far-left in the German state. Without the shooting, Merkel’s CDU party would have had to face a deluge of criticism. The timing of the horrendous deed could thus not have been better for the chancellor.

Since the rampage in Hanau, an overwhelming campaign has been launched which is unparalleled in hysteria, wickedness and destructive pleasure in degrading and defaming German opposition party, the AfD. The AfD happens to be the largest opposition party against the GroKo and the left-green mainstream, and those critical minds in independent media who oppose it.

The smear campaign is driven by the media and representatives of all established parties, starting with Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who openly abuse their high political offices in ignoring their pledges of impartiality.

Thus every barrier and inhibition in the “fight against the right” has been removed to subsequently justify the building of “firewalls” against the competitor, the AfD. The related failure of mainstream parties leading to the Thuringian government crisis and the resignation of the CDU chairwoman Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, are counted as major setbacks for the Merkel administration.

Hollywood classics such as “Shining”, “Psycho” and “Halloween”, and Ingmar Bergman’s notion of a “snake egg” as well as the plots of all Bond films, seemed to have played a much larger role in the 43-year-old shooter’s imagination. But nobody is blaming Hollywood yet.

Incidentally, those who now hysterically, falsely and shamelessly instrumentalize the Hanau bloody deed for the “fight against the right” are quick to offer medical explanations when immigrants are implicated in bloody deeds.


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