Trump appoints Richard Grenell acting Director of National Intelligence

By Andrea Widburg

On Thursday, news broke that, at President Trump’s request, Richard Grenell, who is currently the U.S. Ambassador to Germany, will become the acting Director of National Intelligence (“DNI”), with eventual confirmation in that position. This is great news because Grenell is intelligent, proactive, effective, and extremely pro-American. Leftists, however, are horrified not just because it shows that Trump is not a homophobe, but because a gay man openly sides with Trump’s constitutionally correct belief that he, not the Deep State, controls American foreign policy and national security goals.

In September 2017, Trump nominated Grenell to serve as his ambassador to Germany. Grenell was confirmed in April 2017, with Mike Pence swearing him in. One can only image Buttigieg’s horror that Pence simultaneously managed to retain his principled support for heterosexual marriage, while nevertheless working with, respecting, and treating with dignity those who do not conform to his views.

During his tenure in Germany, Grenell was rock solid in his support for the Trump administration. He gave German companies notice to cease doing business in Iran which was perceived as an insult, rather than taken as a friendly warning to get out before Trump reinstated the sanctions that have been decimating the Mullahs’ economy.

Grenell sent more shockwaves through the internationalist political class when he stated, “I absolutely want to empower other conservatives throughout Europe, other leaders.” The German establishment, which is doing its best to wipe out liberty-based conservativism from Europe, was outraged. Grenell further angered the German establishment when he called out its fake news, which routinely denigrates America and Americans.

One of the best things Grenell did was to insist that Merkel accept Jakiw Palij back into Germany. Palij had served as a Nazi guard in a labor camp and, when he was identified, Germany refused to take him back. Grenell changed that:

President Donald Trump, who grew up in the New York borough of Queens, where Palij has lived for nearly seven decades, instructed Richard Grenell, his ambassador to Germany, to make resolving the case a priority.

“I felt very strongly that the German government had a moral obligation and they accepted that,” Grenell said at the U.S. Embassy in Berlin on Tuesday.

Anyone who can make the Germans stop talking about their moral high ground and actually behave morally is a very good man.

Grenell also worked closely with Trump to pressure nations that make homosexuality illegal to reverse that policy. It’s no wonder that the left hates Grenell, for he reveals that the Democrat power structure doesn’t care about any particular victim group. It cares only about the political power it can obtain by manipulating groups it designates as victims. Nothing shows this fraud more than when someone says (a) I’m not a victim and (b) Trump is more helpful to the truly downtrodden.

With Grenell’s appointment to a domestic position as DNI, the left’s sweaty anxiety is escalating. New York Magazine’s Intelligencer calls his appointment downright “scary”.

And why is Grenell scary? Because he supports Trump’s belief that he has a constitutional right to run the government, a right that’s not vested in the permanent Democrat Deep State, that’s why.

Of course, that’s not how Heather Hurlburt sees it. National Intelligence is bigger than the president and the Constitution. It can only be handled safely by a left-leaning Deep State (emphasis added to highlight the most laughable language):

The president has made it clear, again and again, that he seeks to remake the national security infrastructure so that it does his bidding and promotes his ends. He does not recognize the idea —sacred to national security professionals — of a higher national interest to which even a president must subordinate her or himself. 


Apparently the many Republican senators who created the director of National Intelligence position in order to have a senior, impartial leader enabling U.S. intelligence agencies to speak with one, non-politicized voice, also think it is fine to have a president who openly and repeatedly turns the tools of intelligence, law enforcement, and national security to his personal ends.

How dare President Trump appoint a conservative gay man to help him exercise his constitutional responsibility to run America’s foreign policy and national security?! Not only is this an insult to the permanent Deep State, it reminds everyone that Trump is no homophobe.

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