Migrants in the German civil service sell residence permits

The German authorities have been infiltrated, in many ways. On the one hand, by civil servants from different backgrounds, who have long since stopped caring about everything. They are demotivated and are waiting for their pensions – or for the next political change. On the other hand, by multicultural criminals who simply take everything they are offered on a silver plate: For example, formally legal residence permits that fetch a high price on the black market.

In Berlin, a 36-year-old Bosnian employee of the municipal office has now been arrested, who in addition to being a citizen of Bosnia-Herzegovina also holds a German passport. She is accused of having sold residence permits for 5000 euros each. Police found 28,000 euros in cash in her apartment. A 43-year-old Pakistani who is suspected of being the head of the gang that traded in residence permits was also arrested. According to a press release by the police, the accused are suspected in at least seven cases of having “jointly and collaboratively manipulated and organised passports on behalf of foreign ‘clients’ in such a way that previously stolen blank residence permits could be provided with pseudo-legal residence permits by the accused employee of the municipal office”. The residence permits in question here allow the holder to stay in Germany for an unlimited period of time. They are the first step towards the acquisition of German citizenship, which the holder can apply for after a few years.

According to a report in the newspaper “Welt”, the Berlin administration alone has so far been missing about 20,000 blank residence permits.

Rather reluctantly, the Berlin Senate had admitted the loss of the documents in July 2019 in response to a request by the AfD faction, stating that 1,500 copies of the papers that have disappeared since 2017 had been seized by the police in recent years. “A further 330 documents have so far been found in the case of (attempted) illegal entry and other abusive uses in the Federal territory,” the Senate’s statement states.


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