Germany: Afghan asylum seeker with four aliases sexually abuses 11-year-old disabled girl

An eleven-year-old schoolgirl was looking for tenderness, closeness, recognition. But the girl’s innocent feelings were badly exploited by young men: they abused the child!

A perpetrator has been standing trial at the district court of Hanover since Monday. During the trial, defendant Khudai R. (22 years old) made a confession.

At the very first meeting in Langenhagen (Hanover region) at the beginning of September 2018, the refugee from Afghanistan ( who arrived in Germany in 2015, four aliases, lives in Hesse) made it clear what he expected from the schoolgirl in love, whom he had met a few weeks earlier by chatting. R.: “I simply asked her if she wanted to have sex with me.” She had consented. In a forest at the Langenhagen suburban train station he molested her. Three times there were sex meetings, on two of them Khudai’s buddies Ezatullah N. and Siya A. (both 19 at that time) from Hessen participated.

The last time Khudai and Ezatullah took turns and took pornographic photos with their mobile phones. Later, the duo made a selfie with a stick out tongue in front of the minor. One of them is said to have thrown a stone at her.

According to Khudai’s lawyer, the accused suspected that the girl was younger than 14. The learning disabled pupil turned to her guidance counsellor. Her mother (36, single parent geriatric nurse) told the judge: “She was a happy girl before. After that, no more.” Her daughter had been suicidal, had cut herself, and is now living in a therapeutic living group.

The charges of abuse against the other two Afghans were dropped by the public prosecutor’s office. They did not know the true age of the girl, according to a spokeswoman for the newspaper BILD.

The trial will continue on Wednesday.

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