Germany: Arabs do not like carnival – A Muslim threatens carnival party with a hatchet

With an axe in his hand, a 17-year-old threatened several passers-by in the area of the town hall Am Waisenhaus square on Saturday evening at around 9.40 pm. The passers-by, aged between 15 and 36 years, belonged to a Fasching society. For no apparent reason, the young perpetrator approached the group with an axe and threatened them verbally and by a threatening attitude. Without further ado, he then walked away from the group. Police officers from the Pforzheim-Nord police station were called in immediately and were able to meet the young man in the immediate vicinity. As the young man was still holding the axe in a threatening manner, the officers, threatening to use their guns, ordered the 17-year-old to drop the axe. He complied with the request and was arrested without resistance. The young perpetrator was undergoing a medical examination. He tested positive for cannabis and cocaine. Since he posed no further danger, he was handed over to an educator of his youth welfare institution. The 17-year-old Iraqi now faces charges.

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